Let’s target pay-to-play by disclosing political contributions made by state vendors in the treasury’s database of contracts.

Shining New Light on Campaign Contributions and Pay-for-Play Politics. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has an opportunity to lead the nation in transparency and integrity in state government by making it easy for any citizen to see political contributions made by state vendors or vendors. Treasury already manages an online database of state contracts; Joe Torsella will take the next step of adding vendors’ reported political contributions to the database. Creating a truly accessible and user-friendly tool would let citizens see all information on political giving and state contracts in one place.

Currently, financial reports submitted by campaigns are available for download on the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Campaign Finance website.  There is a searchable database for individual contributions, but not for employer or other information.

This is an accessible database of Joe Torsella’s donors. An individual can search by employer, occupation, city and many of other criteria.