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HARRISBURG, PA — Pennsylvania State Treasurer Joe Torsella announced expanded capabilities of the Treasury Transparency Portal by launching Phase 6. The portal now houses the Contracts e-Library and includes a total contract count for each agency by fiscal year. Users can also track Treasury Department payments, at the check-level, using the new Treasury Checkbook.

“One of my biggest priorities as Pennsylvania’s state treasurer is to open our state books and be transparent in everything we do. I want to make sure all of our tools to do that are easy-to-use, and located in one place. That’s why the Contracts e-Library and Treasury Checkbook have been added to the continuously evolving Transparency Portal. I’m proud to continue the development of this important tool for Pennsylvania taxpayers to hold their government accountable,” stated Torsella

Contracts e-Library
Users can now search for state contracts using the Treasury Transparency Portal. With an improved search feature, searching is easier than ever before. By combining the e-Library function with the Transparency Portal, Treasury is streamlining the resources available to Pennsylvanians to track tax dollars. Previously, the Contracts e-Library was located on Treasury’s main website, separate from the Transparency Portal.

The Right-to-Know Law (RTKL) requires agencies to upload contracts valued at $5,000 or more, dated on or after July 1, 2008 to the site unless the contract is otherwise privileged. While the RTKL entrusts Treasury Department with the responsibility to receive contract information and make it accessible to the public, the obligation to submit contracts and summaries in compliance with the law remains with the agencies.

In addition to user experience improvements, Treasury will also send a bi-annual notification to each Commonwealth agency as a reminder of their obligation to upload contracts to the Contracts e-Library, beginning this month.

Treasury Checkbook
Treasury’s Transparency Portal exceeds the features currently available on PennWATCH, the Commonwealth’s official checkbook portal. The new “checkbook” feature on the Transparency Portal provides additional enhancements which allows users to search payments made to vendors for goods and services purchased for use by the Treasury Department. Users can search by vendor, date, and gross amount of payment.

The Treasury Transparency Portal would be capable of providing the same functions for all the Commonwealth’s payments, if given the legislative authority to host PennWATCH data.

Treasurer Torsella started the Treasury Transparency Portal when he first took office and displayed the General Fund balance on the Treasury website for the first time, with Phase 1. Efforts to continuously increase capabilities have helped expand access of the Transparency Portal through Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, and Phase 5.

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The Treasury Transparency Portal has previously received state, national, and global awards for excellence in technology and digital transformation. It was created using all in-house resources.

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