Campaign continues fundraising success, announces $1.5 million cash on hand

Philadelphia (January 5, 2016) – Continuing the momentum he has been building in the race for Pennsylvania Treasurer, Democrat Joe Torsella today announced his fundraising totals for 2015 and a key endorsement from former Governor Ed Rendell.

Torsella, the founding President and CEO of the National Constitution Center and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations for Management and Reform, announced that as of December 31, 2015 he had raised a total of $1,602,209 and ended 2015 with $1.5 million cash on hand.

At the same time, former Governor Rendell announced his endorsement of Torsella for the DeRendellJoemocratic nomination, calling his former Deputy Mayor for Policy and Planning “one of the brightest and most able public servants I’ve ever known.”

“Joe knows how to get real results for citizens because he has spen
t much of his career helping government at every level do a better job managing the public’s resources,” said Rendell, “from his days as a Deputy Mayor in my administration, working to solve Philadelphia’s fiscal crisis, to his time in the Obama Administration, serving as our nation’s fiscal watchdog at the United Nations. He has a lifelong record of bringing ethics, accountability, and transparency to public institutions.

“We need Joe’s integrity, drive, and talent in the Treasurer’s office,” Rendell said.  “He’ll be a great candidate for our party, a strong voice for our Democratic values, and a terrific Treasurer for our Commonwealth, and I’m proud to endorse him today.”

“I am honored to have Governor Rendell’s support, and lucky to have started my career of service working with him to turn around the financial crisis in Philadelphia,” Torsella said.  “My career has always been about making government better, more ethical, and more innovative.  I’ll bring that same commitment to my service as Treasurer. And I’ll bring the same passion I first learned from Ed Rendell, a passion for improving the lives of hardworking taxpayers all across Pennsylvania.”

Torsella’s fundraising report for 2015 shows that he had $1,504,435 on hand as of December 31.